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This is a story of love, dedication, and commitment. Twenty years ago this week, Roy Bryant started working with CRC Ltd. Employed initially as a residential caregiver, Roy has always worked tirelessly to support the people in his care. He quickly became an integral part of the team, in the many roles he has held over the years from Residential Caregiver, Residential Service Manager, and SIL Support Worker.

Throughout his time at CRC, Roy has been extremely well-loved and respected by all his colleagues and clients. So much so, our clients refer to him as Uncle Roy. He’s part of our whanau and a dear friend to all of us, and it’s a delight and a privilege to be around him.

Roy’s been a big part of the implementation of our policies, initiatives, and staff training, as one staff member shared, Roy always gives ‘everyone time”, whether it be a simple chat over a cuppa or to share some advice through his wealth of insight and experience, we are very grateful for all the work he has done and his service to CRC.

He teaches and guides our clients to learn new skills, with a caring and nurturing nature every day he adds value to our people and our organisation.

Over the 20 years of dedicated service, Roy has been tirelessly supported by his loving wife Judy, we thank her for sharing Roy for so many years. 

We want to thank Roy for his service as we celebrate his 20 years with us. We celebrated with a very special morning tea in which we presented Roy with a gold watch as a token of our appreciation for all his hard work, dedication and commitment to CRC.

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