Christchurch Residential Care (CRCltd)

Who are we?

CRC provides residential services (RSS) and supported independent living services (SIL) for adults and youth with intellectual disabilities.   CRC also provides specialist services for high risk adults who have criminally offended and are being reintegrated back into the community.

Formerly known as Christchurch Residential Care Limited, CRC began its story back in 1997, in and around the de-institutionalisation of mental institutes in NZ.  We were a small residential service provider providing residential care for intellectually disabled adults.   At the time our service had two homes and it was our intention to assist our clients with being more independent in their own lives and have access to better facilities and services.

We have made it our mission to make our clients more community savvy in order break that ‘mould’ where the intellectually disabled weren’t being treated like the poor cousin by district health boards (DHB’s) and the public alike.  Thankfully in our 18 years of giving service to the community we have all moved on.  The public and communities, whanau and family have greater awareness and educational access and our guys and girls are fully contributing community members.

Our service is located in Christchurch and the wider region of Canterbury.

What services do we provide?

Our services now have four branches;

  • Residential services for intellectually disabled (RSS).  Living in a group home with others.
  • Supported independent living for intellectually disabled (SIL).  The ability for your whanau member/s to live in a more independent environment, either flatting with others or boarding, or self.
  • Youth residential services (YRSS). At-risk youth of 15-18 years who are moving towards more independence.
  • Community, Probations and Psychological services (CPPS).  Reintegration services supporting high risk individuals coming back into the community on extended supervision orders (ESO).
  • Amongst other things we have access to networks and educational facilities that can assist our clients and whanau/ family members.
  • We advocate for our whanau/ family members.
  • We assist with self-determination and budgeting.
  • We assist with job search and support.
  • Drug and alcohol issues?


CRC is funded by the Ministry of Health (MoH) and Community Probation & Psychological services (CPPs).


Because CRC is govt funded we are subject to regular financial, policy and regulatory/ standards of practice auditing by the MoH and CPPs.

Needs Assessment

Any person wishing to use or access any of our services must have a current needs assessment.  A needs assessment is information based format usually accessed through your local or regional needs assessment service coordination agency (NASC).  These services determine the level of needs and requirements for you child/ son and or daughter/ whanau member.  The NASC service in our region is LifeLinks.

Getting it right

From the moment you make contact with us we will come meet with your whanau/ family member and you, to determine what our service can offer.  This will be separate from the needs assessment.  In our service it will be an individualised personal plan or IPP.  This IPP will be designed to reflect the needs, wants, dreams and aspirations of your whanau/ family member.  It will identify their strengths and weaknesses and where necessary it will identify cultural and religious needs and boundaries.  If he or she struggles with finances, shopping or even getting around town then these issues can be addressed too.  This plan is your whanau members IPP.

Not Happy!

If you and/or your whanau/family member have a complaint or a concern about how or what we are doing then let us know and dependant on the nature and severity of it we will endeavour to act on it.  CRC also has a complaints process.  CRC adheres to strict policies and protocols and all complaints will be treated with the strictest confidentiality and fairness.  See the CRC complaints procedures policy or ask a staff member.

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