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As a country, we’ve been navigating the global pandemic now for quite some time. But in the past few months, things have really ramped up, with Omicron affecting many of us, and the COVID-19 restrictions impacting all our workplaces and day-to-day lives.

Despite all this uncertainty, our staff at CRC have continued to operate with a high level of dignity and ease. We are so proud of our staff as they continue to maintain a quality level of care for our residents. In addition to this, many members of the team have continued to be able to educate themselves to be equipped with even more tools to work with our residents. At CRC, we encourage all staff to do Careerforce training, which supports workplace-based training in the health sector.

Two staff, in particular, have really stepped up in the past month and have completed their Careerforce assessor training. This level of qualification allows them to keep team members rolling through the education they need to excel in the workplace.

“Congratulations to Atlanta Mcintyre and Nina Freeman for completing this crucial piece of work, and we look forward to seeing you thrive in your roles as assessors,” says Annie McNicol, CRC General Manager.

Congratulations also goes out to Brent Treleaven, who is the recipient of our first employee of the month award! Brent works as a Property Manager for our Yaldhurst site and carries out an outstanding caretaking role on this large piece of land. What has stood Brent out this month is his level of support during the pandemic.

“Brent always puts his hand up to help,” says Annie. “He has supported several team members through this tough time, and in addition, he has been responsible for growing the veggies that we then supply to our community and the wider community, including the local marae.”

Thanks so much for all your hard work, Brent, Atlanta and Nina. We value you all!

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