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As we enter our 25th year of operation, we would like to acknowledge and celebrate the life of our Managing Director, Te Tumu Rolleston, who passed away just over four weeks ago. All of us at CRC are moved by the loss of our colleague and friend. Te Tumu was an inspiration to all who met him. He had an active mind and was an incredibly forward-thinking man who was always full of ideas about how CRC could evolve and better serve our clients. All his ideas and his actions, at their core, served the people within the communities that we seek to support.

“Te Tumu always showed kindness and caring, to our residents, our clients and our staff,” says Annie McNicol, General Manager of CRC. “He is our tikanga – our reason for being here at CRC.”

Te Tumu did an enormous amount for CRC over the 25 years that we have been supporting people in our communities. And we honour and remember all his work as we move forward and seek to continue his legacy. Liked by so many, Te Tumu had a positive impact on everyone he came across. He was a loving husband, father and grandfather and always so proud of his family. Life is now different without him, and we miss him dearly.

“I spent a lot of time with Te Tumu a few weeks before his passing,” says Annie. “He had no regrets and always wanted the best for people. Our thoughts are with Te Tumu’s whānau and friends at this time.”

CRC is a business based on whānau, and Te Tumu was at the foundation of this. His people-centred approach is reflected in the fantastic staff we have and the incredible work they do. We are thankful for everything Te Tumu did for CRC as we continue with his legacy of support, care and kindness.

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