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We take great pride in offering our residents the best possible service. And so here at CRC, we would like to announce two significant changes that have happened recently, which will help us continue to offer outstanding service to those we serve.

Under contract with ACC, we are now expanding our residential services to provide a home-like setting for intensive specialist rehabilitation care for individuals who are not ready or able to return home after discharge from the hospital. This is a highly specialised service for Tangata with complex needs, such as severe brain injuries or physical disabilities. Our service is one of dignity, respect, and the promotion of independence.

Our staff works closely with each individual to support them on their road to recovery. We offer a range of services from personal care and household chores to holistic healing and specialist counseling.

From July 2021, CRC provides transitionary residential youth services for tamariki and rangatahi from 12 to 25 years old. In collaboration with Oranga Tamariki, CRC now provides youth dealing with complex issues, such as PTSD, a place where life can start to become more normal for them.

Like all our services, this provision is person-centred and based on safety, whanaungatanga (working together), and whānau. Our aim is to help these youth regain their dignity and start to rebuild a sense of who they are and how they can make their life more normal.

We are excited by the changes and look forward to a long and beneficial relationship with ACC and Oranga Tamariki. These changes fit into our overall aim of providing support, advocacy, and inspiration to those we care for, so that they may build their independence and create and full and safe life in the community.

This past year, each in our own ways, we have all started to get used to unpredictability and uncertainty. At CRC, we are proud to be evolving in a way that serves the needs of those in our communities. We’ve come farther than we could have imagined from our founding days, and we are constantly inspired to be striving for excellence in whatever we do.

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