At CRC Ltd, training is all about finding excellence for our clients. We recognise that excellence is at a different place for everyone, and we strive to offer the best service we can.

Client Training

We recognise the enormous value of teaching our clients lifelong skills.

In collaboration with the Primary ITO, we provide NZQA-accredited courses in horticulture and agriculture. For two days a week, we provide clients with the opportunity to work on a farm, where they can get involved in growing vegetables, caring for animals and delivering produce to those in need. From the practical to the theoretical, we help our clients with intellectual and physical disabilities to develop a sense of purpose and meaning in their lives. All vegetables grown on the farm are donated to either the Salvation Army, CRC’s residential homes, the local marae or staff. CRC Ltd specialises in inclusive relationships with tangata and seeks to build bridges with whānau, iwi and hapu through our work. It is priceless to see the healing in our clients when they are given this opportunity.

Literacy & Numeracy is NZQA accredited and because of our inclusiveness we work with clients that are still not able to manage the levels up to accreditation but have these goals and aspirations and we have the time to support them in their learning journey. We work with many forums from pictures, written, oral and tactile, we know how important it is to exercise all development stages and opportunity.