Residential Rehabilitation

CRC provides residential services for individuals following a serious accident.


Residential rehabilitation

At CRC, under a contract with ACC, we provide a home-like setting for intensive specialist rehabilitation care for individuals who are not ready or able to return home after discharge from hospital. This service supports tangata with specialised needs, complexities and or behaviours, brain injury. Our residential properties are situated in quiet neighborhoods. Our staff help people to live as normal a life as possible, giving support with independent living skills such as cooking, cleaning and budgeting and to integrate as a member of the wider community.  Staffing is based on need to ensure we can offer a holistic approach to each individual’s healing.  Our service promise is one of dignity, respect and the promotion of independence. We value different cultures and respect people’s individual journeys on their road to recovery.


What we offer

As every person’s situation and capabilities are different, CRC offers support that includes:

  • Personal care
  • Household chores and tasks
  • Meal preparation
  • Self-management
  • Re-learning skills
  • Growing in confidence and self-esteem
  • Holistic healing
  • Counselling and specialist education
  • Community connections
  • Spiritual/Cultural support


How we help

CRC staff work closely with each individual to provide as healthy and safe environment as possible. This support covers all aspects of the individual’s wellbeing, and we seek to ensure residents are supported in their own individual needs. Each resident has an Individual Personal Plan (IPP). Whānau inclusion is an integral part of CRC’s ongoing support for our residents, and we welcome feedback from families regarding the everyday needs of our residents.

"We provide a home-like setting for intensive specialist rehabilitation care”

How to access our services


For more information about CRC’s residential rehabilitation initiative, ACC will be the contact with you to arrange a referral to our services.

Online at

Email or

Call 0800 222 070 (Monday to Friday, 8.30am – 5pm)