What we offer


  • CRC collaborated with Ministry of justice in 2007 to begin the walk of rehabilitation with those that have struggled with making good choices in the past.
  • We strive for integration into our community with safety in mind, to brake down barriers that have segregated our clients from society.
  • Individualised advocacy, support and encouragement are all part of the many tools provided by our staff.
  • Successes within this service are full time employment, education, Voluntary work as well as community work.
  • Initiatives within our service include cultivating fresh foods to provide for our clients and rubbish collection of our shorelines.
  • There are many restrictions put in place due to the nature of past offending by our clients which is overseen and managed by all CRC staff alongside the Department of Corrections.
  • CRC believes individualised support creates better habitís, better lifestyles and better choices.


  • We have a strong history within our residential service which has supported many individuals and their Whanau over the years.
  • All CRC homes are set up to cater for each individual clients needs.
  • All our homes are small to ensure quality of care as well as privacy for our clients and extended Whanau/Family.
  • We promote healthy living through a network of community gardens providing fresh healthy food for clients as well as promoting exercise within our homes.
  • All our clients are supported with community inclusion, socializing, education and planned outings.
  • All medical and physical needs of our clients are treated with dignity and respect.
  • CRC promotes goal based support to ensure all our clients have aspirations to reach with independence in mind.

Supported Independent Living:

  • Through a referral process we support independence in our community for those whom struggle with a intellectual disability.
  • All clients are supported with their own individual needs which are identified through Whanau/Family, GP, CRC management and other services involved with our clients.
  • We provide one on one support in the home, to inspire our clients to be the best they can be through making good choices out in the community.
  • All aspects of everyday living are supported. Medical, wellness, shopping, budgeting meal preparation just to name a few of the supports we provide.